improving curb appeal with a new doorimproving curb appeal with a new door

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improving curb appeal with a new door

What is the first thing that your guests see when they arrive at your home? In most cases, your guests notice the front door before they notice anything else. The curb appeal of your home can be improved by replacing the aging door. Think about what a difference removing that old door could make to the appearance of the home. With so many beautiful designs, you are sure to find one that will coordinate nicely with the rest of the home while providing an architecturally beautiful element to the home. Visit my website to learn about the different styles of doors to gain some inspiration about what will look best on the front of your home.



5 Things To Keep In A Fire Proof Safe At Home

There are a lot of people who feel like the safest place for their belongings are in a safety deposit box at the local bank. However, there are some very important documents and items that should always be kept at your home in a fireproof safe box. This ensures that you have access to them whenever you need them, and can get them in case of an emergency.

  1. Insurance information. If your house burns down and you need to call the insurance company, it's important that you have your policy handy. There is no assurance that you are going to have your safety deposit box key with you or that you will have the ability to access it. In order to file a claim, you will need to get this information fast. It is also really important to include life insurance papers here too so that they can be easily found if needed.
  2. Legal Documentation. The most important papers, such as original birth certificates, social security cards, and passports should be protected. With all the times you need to provide these for various purposes, it's a good idea to keep them at home. Other important legal papers to include are living wills, health care instructions, and instructions for a health care surrogate. If you have a copy of your will, it's also important to let the executor of your estate know that it can be found there in case they need it.
  3. Medical Emergency Numbers. Consider making a list of all your family's doctors, medications, pharmacies, and their contact information. This is especially important if anyone takes medications every day because then you can replace them quickly in an emergency. Storing these numbers in your phone is not a good enough insurance since you may not have your phone with you. Be sure to also include your insurance cards.
  4. Important Keys. There is no need to carry your safety deposit box key around with you at all times. The same is true for storage unit keys or anything else that you only access periodically with a lock and key. In order to keep these safe and somewhere you can find them later, put them in your safe.
  5. Valuables. Important family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, and anything else that you don't want damaged should always be kept in a safe. Not only will this protect it in case of a fire, but also from burglars and wandering children. Talk to a professional like A-Dave's Lock & Safe for assistance.